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Return riggors occurs when you want to return a gift to the store but have no good reason but that is a useless piece of junk or an ugly piece of clothing.

It is easy to pinpoint this strange feeling of anxiety mixed with a definite need to get away from the gift, as well as the store from which it came. Sweaty palms holding the item and a story to match the situation can be almost traumatic bordering on that "fight or flight" feeling.
Later, could also include a feeling of freedom after mission accomplished and you feel a breeze of "all clear" as you stroll back to your vehicle unencumbered & well, "free".
She:" Wow, I had a case of thereturn riggors as I left to return that ugly sweater Aunt Hosie gave me for Christmas. Return riggors so bad I had the sweats out in the snow right in front of the Mall!"
He: Well did the store take it back?
She: Begrudgingly; but now I feel free..... unencumbered; let 'em find some other dork to wear that strange looking thing!
by People watcher December 28, 2009
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