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Hah, most of you reading this will probably not know what I'm talking about, but to make it simple, Return to Blockland, or "RTB" was originally a mod created for the alpha version of Blockland, most commonly known as "Vanilla Blockland". The actual game it's self is called "Blockland" by most players, which are newer players who weren't around in the older times. Anyways, there are two versions of RTB. RTB 1.045 (The older RTB which is a mod of Vanilla, which features a lot of content compared to the old blockland, which contained little content. The other RTB ( 2.0-3.x) Features a lot of shit. It allows you to download mods on blockland without closing out and having to extract and set up everything manually. It also adds an IRC, and adds plenty of other features. And if you don't know what the hell Blockland is.. A lego simulation game online that is "Open Source". Return to Blockland started out in early 2005, and the Retail Edition started in about 2008. The community is horrible. It used to thrive with a lot of mod makers. The community was large, and the game was really popular.. Now, it's dried up with less than 100 people left. Consisting of Oldfags who think they're pro, while they can only build at an exceptional level. And nooby children who are annoying cunts. Anyways, for more info, just google it.
return to blockland is old, and the newer version for retail is popular and new.
by Sephbill May 29, 2010
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