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A woman whose pubic hair is large and unkept. A big bush.
I was gonna go down on Lucy last night 'till I discovered she had the retro muff going on..
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
female vaginal hair styled and coiffed to no shorter than one inch and no longer than two inches, bucking the trend of brazilian waxes and kojak-style genital trims;
I miss the old days before all chicks wanted to be porn stars, that's why I like Mary and her friends; they all have retromuffs.
by JuanChangstein November 29, 2011
a boat from the 1800's with a sleek phalic like design, The Term was reintorduced to describe niggers who had sex with donkeys.
that nigger just stuck his weiner in a donkey he is suh a retromuff
by T Tizzle Fo Shizzle September 03, 2006
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