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A woman whose pubic hair is large and unkept. A big bush.
I was gonna go down on Lucy last night 'till I discovered she had the retro muff going on..
by Fat Nik April 22, 2003
9 2
female vaginal hair styled and coiffed to no shorter than one inch and no longer than two inches, bucking the trend of brazilian waxes and kojak-style genital trims;
I miss the old days before all chicks wanted to be porn stars, that's why I like Mary and her friends; they all have retromuffs.
by JuanChangstein November 29, 2011
1 0
a boat from the 1800's with a sleek phalic like design, The Term was reintorduced to describe niggers who had sex with donkeys.
that nigger just stuck his weiner in a donkey he is suh a retromuff
by T Tizzle Fo Shizzle September 03, 2006
3 21