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A person who fucks retards.
Yo, dude! You see that kid over there?! Haha, he's such a retard fucker!
by Mike Hansen June 20, 2004
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Someone who is fucking/ having sex with a retard. Not necessarily someone with mental retardation though just someone they've name-called a retard.
Guy: You're a retard!

Girl: If i'm a retard then what does that make you?

Guy: A retardfucker :D
by girlwhocriedhippo February 02, 2010
A person who willingly has sexual intercourse with a person with a mental handicap.

A person with a mental handicap may wear a football helmet at random times, have delusions, or be part of the Special Olympics.
-Dude, did you hear Sabrina is a retard fucker??
-Yeah, I know! The retard she fucked thought she vanished into thin air when she left her clothes behind!
by lilov November 16, 2011

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