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The backwards spelling of the word loser commonly used to describe those who are in denial of their total loserdom. Or just extremely rad people lulz.
Aang: God Zuko, you're such a loser.
Aang: omg. lolograms.
by epic erin March 06, 2008
Resol is the word Loser spelled backwards, It was first invented by an Amandeep from Toronto, but it's stolen by an JoshuaaN now :), sometimes it's said as rosel which is just resol misspelled but both words intend on meaning loser.
When you call someone and say their a resol, instead of putting an L on your forehead, you stick your middle finger up instead. Most resols are resols but they just don't know it yet. Resols never win, their usually failures in life
Amandeep: blah blah blah blah yappingg
Joshua ( in his thoughts) : wow this girls a loser..... no waitt RESOL..... ( now back to reality)
Amandeep: so yeah nah mean?
Joshua: uhhh your a RESOL
Amandeep: a what?
Joshua: figure it out
Amandeep: i dont get it ?
Joshua: k your a loser byee
by Vinthulan1 January 17, 2011
To call someone a loser. Commonly used in school to get away with calling someone a loser.
Adam: That kid over there is a resol.
Sara: Who shawn the butterfly?
Adam: Yeah that kid is the worlds biggest resol.
by Adam_13 May 02, 2008