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When him/her really has the urge to play the resident evil game.
Guy 1: Man, I just beat resident evil 4, and I have played all the games so far, and beat them so I know the story, and, I have to wait, till Resident Evil 5 comes out in 2009, March 13.... and its only January 17, and I got it on the opening day which was the 11th. Dammit, I want the game now, I have to wait 3 years.. (Resident Evil Addiction)

Gurl 2: So I had just got resident evil 5 on march 13, the oppening day, and I beat the hole game in 2-3 days... I am pissed, that resident evil, was really good, wesker is dead? Well, Me and my brother got in a fight a couple days ago and he busted my re5 in half I screamed, and yelled, I threw punches at the walls, creating enourmous holes, I am so pissed, I think, I am going to kill myself, I hate it so much, I have every toher game but 5 now! omg!!!!!! I swear to god, I will kill my brother.
by Michelle Betch November 11, 2009
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