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The next game of the Resident Evil games. Its set in the bleak future where zombies have learned that masturbation feels better then eating people. Join Chris and Jill as they battle to save the world's toilets, showers, bedrooms' beds and tissue supply from being devoured by the zombies. The final level involves Chris having a wank over a picture of Jill, and being mistaken as a zombie by Jill. Will he finish his awsome wank in time? or will he get blue balls when Jill knocks him out? Buy the game to find out.

Coming to a store near you
OMG Resident Evil 6 is such an awsome game! I feel kinda awkward playing it around my parents though...

penis, wank, resident evil, jill valentine, chris, game, ps3
by Callum69 May 11, 2009
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