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Otherwise known as RHA, Residence Hall Association is where you want to be in a university. We consist of a president and vice president of each hall - making up the big board, and an exec board which consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, PR, MAL (3), equipment manager, NCC, and SCC Liason. Known notoriously for doing blood drives, canned food drives, and being overall awesome; RHA also does yearly campus wide events like Sex Squares, which is a sexy game show like Hollywood Squares, however all the questions are sexified.

In short, a college university and residence hall life just wouldn't be what it is without RHA. We Cool. :)
Person 1: "OMG!! Do you know Adam Stoner?!?!
Person 2: "Hell Yeah!! a-stoner who lives in High Hall?!?!"
Person 1: "Yeahh!! I hear he sleeps in Gross Hall's equipment closet!! I wish I were cool enough to be the Residence Hall Association's equipment manager like him!!!"

Person 1: "Oh Man!! I have all this blood and I don't know where to go to donate it all!! What do I do?!?"
Person 2: "Hey! Lets go down to the Rec! RHA or Residence Hall Association is having a Blood Drive down there from 12pm to 6pm!!"
by RHAwesome April 18, 2011
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