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An economy that is so bad that vast numbers of people are forced to leave jobs they didn't enjoy/weren't qualified for; allowing them to seek employment and be happier/more successful in more appropriate industries.
"Since the economy is so bad and Missy is such an idiot that hopefully once she gets fired from her job as store manager she'll get another one doing what she's supposed to do, which is clean toilets. All thanks to the reset-tion."

"Ann was miserable and wasted too much time selling furniture when she was so overqualified for that job. Now, due to reset-tion cut-backs, she's a successful stylist and loving every minute of her life."

"John was too old and had no idea what he was doing at work, which hurt the company's profits and reputation. When he was finally let go under the guise of a bad economy (reset-tion), he ended up in a nursing home and his replacement thrived in his position. Balance was restored."
by Karlfred December 09, 2009
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