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Reset Bitch is the unlucky individual who has the utmost displeasure of bending down - most of the time leaving a comfortable position - to hit the reset switch on game consoles that were made prior to the year 2000. Reset Bitches are the person who is present in a group of friends that are gathered around a video game, and they usually don't get a turn on the video game themselves.
Friend 1: "Ah, shit. I need somebody to reset my Atari! I don't feel like leaning over to reset it."
Friend 2: "Fuck that, I'm not doing it!"
Friend 3: "Ha, I'm not gonna do it either!"
Friend 4: "Wha- What? Why is everybody looking at me?"
Friends 1 - 3: "You're gonna be our Reset Bitch."
Friend 4: "NOOOOOOooooooo."
by XiEViLiX March 10, 2014
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