Noun: An unpleasent ordor eminatinating from a persons gential area.
I need to take a shower because my repus is pungent.
#smelly balls #vaginal odor #stinky taint #genital odor #unwashed genitals
by motionSS44 December 27, 2012
Top Definition
Pronounced re-poo, shortening of Republican used in response to Repus referring to the Democratic Party as the "Democrat Party".
The democrats may no longer be Democratic, but the repus aren't anything but the same old shit!
#republican #neocon #fox news #right wing #rush limbaugh
by yakboy42 October 29, 2006
It's "Super" backwards. Use it when you want to describe something that was super, but don't want to sound like a fairy.
Nice catch, Tim. That was repuS.
by Satchmo II December 23, 2004
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