the true political party for the United States of America. This political party takes the interests of real Americans (not illegal immigrants) and does its best to protect and preserve individual rights and the constitution of United States. This political party is made for those Americans who give something back to America and American values, such as hard honest work, and taking responsibility for your own actions.

If you dont believe in such things as "the best man for the job gets it regardless of race, color or creed" or having kids without taking responsibility for them then this isnt the political party for you.

Say what you want about George Bush, but he certainly didnt raise the national debt into the trillions less then 1 year into his Presidency.

Special Note: If you are a terrorist then you certainly dont like or belong to the Republican Party.
Idiot Liberal: That Rep. Wilson is a jerk for what he did.
Republican Party: While it was in bad taste, you do know Obamacare didnt have any provisions excluding healthcare for illegal immigrants until he said something right?
Idiot Liberal: Oh,...the media never reported that.

Republican: Wow you mean the liberal media didnt report that?!? There is a huge surprise.

Nancy Pelosi: We need to give more back to charities and shelter the homeless. Follow my example, why last year I gave over $100,000 to charity.
Republican: Your family's net worth is almost $50 Million, thats less then half of 1% of it. So if I give $500 we could be considered even right?

Dennis Kucinich: Abolish the death penalty.
Republican: Has any member of your family been raped or murdered?

Kucinich: Of course not, we dont live around poor people or in a poor neighborhood.
Republican: So you have no idea what its like to have that happen to you?
Kucinich: Nope
Republican: How you got elected I will never know.
by Skidmark McGee October 01, 2009
Top Definition
A white-collar crime organization; a pack of criminally insane political prostitutes without consciences, who have buried their faces in the public pie as though it were a feeding trough, and done nothing but loot the treasury for six long years. Only a fool or a whore would consider the current Republican Party a conservative party. Insofar as fiscal restraint and limited government are the defining features of the conservative position, the Republicriminal Party couldn’t be any fucking farther from Conservative.
If you think the Republican Party is conservative you have shit for brains.
by Uncle Dungheap June 03, 2006
A conservative political party in the United States that represents the interests of 1 percent of the population, which also happens to be the richest people in the country. They have managed to create a mass base of support that consists of over one half of the U.S. population by duping them into believing they also represent their interests, when in fact they don't give a shit about the poor, blacks, minorities, women, and anything and everything that has to do with making life pleasant for everyone else.
I hate the Republican Party. It's full of a bunch of racist, self-righteous, greedy assholes.
by fuck you bush March 02, 2006
Say they represent the people, but really only give a fuck about the rich. Don't do much for the people, but they want to thoroughly check our backgrounds extensively. Since they don't do anything for the people, they need to mind their own fuckin' business and stay the fuck up out of ours. Let us coexist, but refuse to acknowledge each other.

Do not approve of gay marriage while about 80% of them are gay themselves.

Do not approve of abortion although they approve of war, genocide and having a death penalty is OK. Technically the unborn baby isn't alive until it passes the first trimester, from when it stops being an embryo (Zygote) and is considered a fetus.
Example of the Republican Party?
George W. Bush
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010
an elite orgy of self-interested taxation and public spending; one party to which you are categorically not invited; the world's most reliable source of misinformation; America's Bridge to Nowhere and expressway to ruin
Ever since I had my lobotomy, I've been going to elections and voting for the Republican Party.
by K Corwin D December 22, 2009
The reason the world hates America.
Person 1: The Republican Party are why I hate America!
Person 2: Hardout bro!
by mrfoyster January 20, 2012
The homosexual pedophiles’ party. Dedicated to sheltering homosexual pedophiles.
RepublicanParty: Do I make you horny?
Underage_boy23: A little.
Republican Party: Cool.
by author October 05, 2006
A large collection of monkeys, disguised as politicians, that occasionally might write/say something moderatly intelligent.
More often, however, they elect the dumbest and richest monkey as their representative, speak incoherent nonsense that MIGHT have the word "democracy" in it (if they can pronounce it) to sway the populous, and enjoy watching their country crumble faster than George Bush in an interview with big words.....

Essentially, your unfriendly neighborhood village idiots, with nice suits.
Person with IQ over 125: Why would you vote for the Republican Party when their only concern is to remain in power?

Person with IQ of 100: Hmmm, you're right, there is something fishy about them......

Person with IQ of 80: I think I get more money out of it..

Person with IQ of less than 65: They asked me to join, thats why!
by I love lamp...... September 22, 2012
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