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The Reprographic Artworking Department;- The final contact within the Point of Sale (POS) printing industry that digital Artwork is sent to before actually being physically printed.

Known throughout Print as the fixers and corrections. Taking unprintable or ill-thoughtout Artwork from all medias and associations and preparing it to be screen or lithographically printed.

The Repro teams are total perfectionists with a keen eye for detail and an almost holy ability for editing all types of design artwork.

To be Repro;- An employee with exceptional Mac and Pc operating skill and a thorough knowledge of all programs encompassing Design. As well as possessing a natural ability to fault find, edit and correct across any design platform incorporating other departments and responsibilities.

Job titles within Repro range from the junior:- 'Goose' to the 'Captain' and ultimately the 'Boss Man' when a person is peaking within the industry and has a comprehensive knowledge of all thinks Print.
Get that Artwork over to Repro ASAP so they can set it up for Print, we don't want it going WestOne on us again.

Repro did a fine job on fixing that shoddy artwork for the cinema unit.

That dude is awesome on a Mac. He got mad Repro skills.
by Ricky Estate September 27, 2007
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Sometimes used in reference to reproducing a problem/bug in the software industry.
I wasn't able to repro that issue which was raised by the testing team yesterday. Those guys are killing me.
by sayn899 January 21, 2016
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Ghetto shortening of reprobate - i.e. badass
That guy with his hood up is well repro!
by Fascinator November 26, 2010
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A word used in many department stores to mean items that have been brought to a checkout but not purchased, and so must be returned to the sales floor.
M&S Employee: Audrey, can you put this repro back on the floor?
by TR Wolf September 01, 2006
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what we say to the guy who inadvertently gets schemed by his own scheme.
Rob: yo did you roll to rahuls party last night? shit got rowdy, his living room with the white carpets got all fucked up and the cops came thru and cited him.

Sidd: yea i rolled late tho, why'd he throw it?

Rob: said he was trying to get at that vanessa bitch

Sidd: oh damn i saw her leaving with some big ass black dude when i rolled up.

Rob: ha, reproes

Sidd: haha for real
by Skylarkn(Cali) May 21, 2009
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