The opposite of Reply-All, when an email-incompetent person sends you a blank reply to an email you sent them.
I really needed to hear from Felicia on this issue, but all I got was a Reply-None at 4:59.
by T Bags McGhee November 09, 2007
Top Definition
a.k.a. a blog ... particularly one that deals with deep hurts you're trying to deal with by diffusing them in public, secretly hoping that someone out there understands, empathizes with you, and strives to help you make others understand.

But of course that's forgetting that--in the REAL world--nobody cares about your problems because they've got their own problems and are too busy dealing with THEM to realize that dealing with YOUR problems would actually be a steady step toward dealing with THEIR OWN problems.
He wrote a deeply-enheartened letter--about his painful loneliness--to anyone who would listen; but he was so over-verbose that the resulting howl/whine was just a reply-none.
by Uncle J MythMan July 30, 2010
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