The bane of my existence.
"Rent again?.. fucking kill me."
by You.You.You August 11, 2008
-the act of gettin your money or gettin paid
-something or someone you can't get no matter how hard you try
-anything, especially money, that seems to dissapear
-"hold that spliff man, i gotta go get rent"
-"man that bitch is bad"
"yeah but shes rent to you"
-"man that shits gone like the rent"
by The Hospital Hero September 27, 2005
easy for are not or aren't
You r'ent that good
by officer_cartman March 22, 2004
rent, a movie that portrays half the known population of the world as gay, or hiv positive, and that being a sophisticated hard working, masuculine male is weird
watch the movie rent
by dudewhersmycar May 17, 2008
A metaphorical term often used by prostitutes to describe clients.
"Girl, I'm get'n my rents paid today."
"Honey, I just dropped my rents off."
"You need some rent? I'll hook you up."
by niried June 22, 2007
(UK) usually young gay prostitute
"Any cheap rent round here, mate?"
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
In middle school, it was Rocky Horror. In high school, it was RENT. RENT is what passes for counterculture these days. A 19th century musical about tuberculosis stripped of its dignity and painted up with AIDS and cheap whore makeup. Every white suburban kid with a DVD player goes absolutely bonkers for this travesty, and such a reaction probably stems from the darkest, deepest part of the brain known as liberal guilt. Of course they don't want to pay their rent. They're too busy buying smack and singing about how tortured they are by their artistic spirits. Give me a break.
RENThead: do you want to watch RENT with me?
me: what?? no, i'm leaving
RENThead: we're on a moving bus
by angry applegate September 07, 2007

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