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Remixlabel is a word coined in Houston, TX. The term remixlabel is use to point out an individual who singles out or stereotypes an individual based on what he or she has learned or been brainwashed with by mainstream media sources who neither have a past, relate to or actually live in and around any given group of people, era, or style.However instead of just knocking it, these individuals actually want and try to understand why we do what we do. And in the process finds his or her true self.
Suburban kid who transfers school to an inner city is suddenly surrounded by media labeled "troubled youth" Nonetheless he or she feels a connection and at the least tries to understand the reasons. After opening his mind he realizes decides, this is me because I am, because I like, because I have my own swagger. Thus he or she has been marked with a remixlabel. Sort of like an award for for finding your true identity. Be yourself!
by I/am/me March 26, 2009
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