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A phrase that could be compared to that of "Never Forget, (9/11)" In a nutshell, it means, "The army of Santa Anna (Mexico) took the Alamo, so we'll take their lives!"
One could use it as a sort of motivation for those around them, when a situation seems hopeless.
It is also a movie, based on the same events surrounding Davy Crockett, the Alamo, and the Army of Santa Anna.
"My friends, we must remember the Alamo!"
by Kil Lerown January 03, 2010
When a girl is giving a guy head at the top of a stair-case, and when the guy is about to blow his load, he knocks her down teh stairs, and yells...."REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!!"
guy: ugh....yeah...thats how I like it......(falling down stairs sounds)..."REMEMBER THA ALAMO!!!!!!"
by Devin December 18, 2004
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