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Community forums for Canadian games developer Relic Entertainment. The forum members pride themselves on maintaining a high discussion standard. Flaming and spamming are kept to a minimum.
For a taste of Relic Forums, why not go there?
by illin111117 December 25, 2007
The most biasesd, sick forum I ever been to.
Contains moderators that are the most uptight idiots you'd ever meet. Such as Soulblighter, Ceejayoz, Ionfish.
They do not let you laugh, chuckle, tee hee,or say something slighty negative. And better yet, any topic that includes the slightest neg sentince about one of the mods, closed. Do not go to this forum if you Like Company Of Heroes, go to Planet coh instead, trust me.
A member got flamed at by mods because "His one sentcene, no pic, sig was blue"
The mods said it was consirederd "distracting.
by Superfayt September 07, 2007
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