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A broad who jumps from one relationship to the next thinking shes dodging the name 'slut'.
She goes out with one dude at a time for short stints, bangs em....breaks up, then moves onto the next relationship that will most likely last less then 10 days. Its basically a loop hole for a whore.

Buddy - "So ahh.. your slammin' Joe now?"
R.Slut - "Well were in a relationship its okay"

- Relationship Slut -
by Lemonski April 09, 2008
A girl who has slept with everyone you know but insists that she isn't a slut because she gets around by having an unbroken string of relationships. Rarely ever spotted single for more than a few days. Usually acts self righteous or looks down on people who have sex while not in a relationship or is otherwise just generally hypocritical.
John - what? how many relationships has she had in the last 2 months?
Eric – nine.
John - and she's slept with all of the guys?
Eric – yep.
John - and then she called that other girl a slut for having a one night stand?
Eric – yeah.
John - wow, what a slut.
Eric - no. she isn't a slut. she's a relationship slut.
by Johnny-Fire April 28, 2010
1. When a girl is considered 'prude' and 'innocent' when single, but when she's in a relationship, she does anything and everything dirty for her boyfriend.

2. A girl who goes from one relationship to the next thinking shes dodging the name 'slut'.
Guy 1: "That girl Tiffany is hot but she's such a prude!"
Guy 2: " No man, she's a relationship slut, she dated Johnny and she blew him all the time."

Girl 1: " Becky is such a relationship slut."
Girl 2: " I know! She's had like 3 boyfriends this month!"
by boyznblogz December 26, 2013