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A new relationship turned so horribly wrong, that you are willing to pull the fucking trigger and end it by any means possible. Most often by brutal honesty: the words no one wants to hear/you can never take back, or just plane old calling the DB out. Warning- this has the potential to backfire & make the situation So much worse & down right hysterical (I mean dysfunctional).
Example (calling said DB out):

You: "No, D. I cannot see you anymore. We are a fucking hot mess together"
Him: "But I'm in love with you, it was meant to be, I want babies with you, we are soul mates...etc......."
You: "Wow, D, you've totally opened my eyes. These past 3 days have been magical! Let's Facebook everyone and tell them the good news and YES, babies, babies, babies... NOW!!!

~(Friends reading above Texts!!!)... damn, shot down! she totally pulled out the "Relationship Roulette"

Example (Brutal Honesty):
Him:" I know it's only been 3 days, I'm going through a nasty divorce, we live states away from one another- but I'm in love with you, you are the one".
You: "lets just break this down: you are diagnosed bipolar, sporting a vasectomy and wife(x)? that is literal trailer trash (no, we just dropped your kid off at her trailer while she yelled obscenities at my car (windows up)! You have no compassion, my father just died but you 'aren't going to tiptoe around the fact that being a father is Awesome'. I'm a fucking Rockstar in bed. However, I've never wanted to try sea cucumber. I am scarred for life"

~Damn, man down! Enough "Relationship Roulette"
by the one that ran away June 14, 2013
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