To get rejected and/or turned down via text message; other forms include "rejexting" (the act of sending someone a rejecting text message), and "rejected" (past tense of rejext)
<girl looks at her phone> "He is such a douche! We went on two dates and he didn't even have the balls to dump me in person - he rejexted me!"
by maspad2 May 03, 2009
Top Definition
Any text message sent with intent to elude undesirable social situations.
"Uh, I can't believe this girl is texting me about hanging out with her and her lame friends tonight. I'm gonna send her a rejext and hang with the guys instead."

by Time Guy March 28, 2009
To be dismissed or rejected VIA text communication.
That jerk just totally rejexted me last night.

I invited him over, but he rejexted my booty call :(
by EmilyChampagne March 02, 2011
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