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1. What happens to most guys who ask out the attractive girl in the class/office/bar/neighborhood/etc.

2. A term in basketball meaning you're shot got slapped out of the air by the defender.
1. Bob decided to ask Sue out on a date and she promptly rejected him.

2. Steve Nash drove towards the basket and shot a jumper only to have Shaq reject it into the third row.
by Priesty June 01, 2007
179 51
A 9 minute 30 second masterpiece by animator Don Hertzfeldt
Fluffball #1: Dance! Everybody dance!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1: Life is good!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1: This is fun!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1: My anus is bleeding!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1: My anus is bleeding!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1: For the love of god and all that is holy, my anus is bleeding!
Line of fluffballs: Yay!
Fluffball #1(Now drowning in his own anus blood): AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!
by My spoon is too big! February 28, 2004
143 81
to ask someone out and be rejected. meaning they don't like you that way. Rejection where do we go from here?
if you haven't been Rejected your probably a robot and everyone hates you.
by fromthetruthtotheawkward January 05, 2009
72 13
I watched it 5 times in a row once and probably about 35 times over the course of my life. Its like a drug, but free...
badly drawn stick figure 1: Tuesday's coming, did you bring your coat?
bdsf2: I'm feeling fat and sassy.
by Moo May 25, 2003
51 40
Don's masterpiece, practically required viewing at UCSB ;)
*my spoon is too big

*I'm a banana!
by BeCkStAr December 04, 2003
40 32
Something you say after you hold your hand up for a high five and nobody high fives you back. You would probably do this so you don't look awkward or lame after a turn-down.
Me: Hey you! High five! :) *nothing happens* Oh! Rejected... *smiles and laughs like it's no big deal*
by Cassie... January 17, 2011
6 2
The act of becoming rejected; the worst phrase a person can give to you; a major put down.
Guy One: "This sucks she won't fuck me!"
Guy Two: "Hahaha...REJECTED."

by X D WAD3 X September 06, 2008
2 1