A character from Final Fantasy Tactics for PS1 by Square. An unlockable character from the extra Zodiac Stones sidequest. After braving levels of powerful enemy attcks, you find Reis, the purple Holy Dragon, capable of using all the basic attacks of the other dragons. After a second sidequest, along with her life partner, Beowulf, the Arc Knight, she transforms into a human with the Job class, dragoner. Along with her previous abilities, she unlocks abilities that work only against and with Dragon and Hydra monsters. A very hard to unlock character, but so very worth it.
Reis transformed into a lovely human.
by Christian Cruz November 22, 2006
Top Definition
Japanese name that means "zero" or "souless", made famous by Ayanami Rei in the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Praise Rei.
by OmegaVader February 19, 2004
is a term usually associated with being dominant in everything. Also associated with being good-looking, thougtful, and overall, a very nice person.
If you're a pretty girl, always get Rei for a boyfriend.
by therealguy June 23, 2009
1. Pilot of Evangelion Unit 00. Clone of the late Yui Ikari. Initiated the Third Impact. Part Angel. Able to create an Absolute Terror Field, a unique ability amongst humans.
2. Ghost.
3. Bow.
by New September 13, 2003
Bass Pro Shop for intelligent people.
I wanted a new tent but the idiots who work at Bass Pro Shop tried to sell me shoes, so I went to REI.
by LordChunga September 05, 2011
1. The adjective used to describe being active, rugged, or outdoorsy.

2. The outdoor and more store.
Sarah felt so REI when she spent time walking on a popular trail.
by outdoors January 08, 2010
A Relationship Experience Index (REI) is a number assigned to the length of one's longest relationship, which determines who else you can be with after the relationships ends. Basically you can only date people within your own REI.

REI Level 1: 0-1 years
REI Level 2: 2-5 years
REI Level 3: 6-10 years
REI Level 4: Over 10 years
Rick: Hey Consuella, wanna go out with me this friday?

Consuella: Sorry, I'm a REI Level 2 and you're only a Level 1. You KNOW that's not allowed!

Rick: It's ok, I'll just cry myself to sleep tonight.
by cokemidget April 10, 2012
A smart funny handsome guy sometimes dirty minded and has lots of friends that he hangs with . A Reis is someone with long lists of things to do . Reis will always have a awesome pretty funny girlfriend
Person 1: woah that guy is so cool he's even really funny
Person 2: yeah he's really a Reis
by SexyGoddest June 06, 2015
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