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When a male adjusts his genitalia after his "member" (penis) slides out of his underwear through the gusset (briefs) or leg holes (boxer shorts)


Hanging left :

. Voting New Labour
. Voting Labour
. Voting Miliband/The current leader of the Labour party

In the middle (inside the underwear)

. Parliament is in session
. The Liberal Democrats/ Lib-Dems are keeping the peace

. Clegg/leader of the Lib-Dems is in the office
. Parliament is organised

Hanging Right a.k.a:

. Voting Conservative

. Voting Tory
. Voting Cameron/The current leader of the Tory party

When the member/penis has been reinserted comfortably into the underwear/gusset of the underwear / the situation has been resolved:

. The ballots have counted
. The lib-dems/minority party have spoken
. Parliament is in session
A husband and wife are at home watching a movie when the husband fidgits, the wife notices the husband adjusting himself.

Wife: What are you doing?

husband: Rehanging parliament

Wife: What?

husband: I should be voting lib-dem, not labour

- Rehanging Parliament (uk)
by Mad_Jack December 29, 2010
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