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Originally derived from slurring the words Ridiculous and Legit together. Basically meaning that something is pretty ridiculous but is definitely legitimate.
Lamar:"Hey man look at that trick. She does that to every guy she dates."

Trent:"Yeeeaaahy man she's mos def playin him."

Lamar:"you got too admit tho she's pretty regit man."

Trent:"Yeah when are these foosgon get a clue."
by abstract Aj December 27, 2008
Pronunciation(reh-jit) a word meaning something is so legitimate (Authentic; genuine) that it's retarded (Uncomprehending to the brain).

Guy 1: "Wow, this band is retardedly legit!!"
Guy 2: "No dude, this shit's regit."
by XsidXvengenceX April 12, 2011
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