An alternative for using the word "retarded" as a derogatory.

Also shortened to "reg" (pronounced reej).
"That's so regis."

"You're so regis."
by EEP8 September 10, 2006
Top Definition
1: A person of the odd kind, usually dwelling in the northeastern kingdom. 2: (latin):"king," so natually those named Regis have above average abilities in art or leadership.
3: A good friend; A Regis should be regarded as good friend, one to be appreciated but not taken advantage of.
Damn regis we goin' brappin to texas?

Regis your drawing is the shit

Regis will conquer us all someday

Hey regis want to go to that part tonight?

Regis come here NOW
by Pumba December 17, 2004
Super cool, just like it's name sake.
The graphics on UT are regis!
by BobHornytoad March 31, 2004
1) A large penis usually with an African-American connotation
2) A regular customer at a restaurant or bar
3) A large guy who you don't know
1) (Random girl to Becky)
"Oh my god Becky, this guy was frickin huge, I mean, this wasn't just any dick, it was a regi!"

(Line cook to waiter)
2) "Yo get this, there's this one regi who never orders anything besides fries and a salad."

(Movie-goer to friend)
3) "Umm, that regi down in front is blocking my view of the movie, I wish he would duck..."
by runnercaptain July 05, 2010
short for registration, a 15 min period before lessons begin in high school usually used to wake up or have breakfast and also do last minute homework and catch up on the days gossip.
daughter; hurry up or ill be late for school
mum; its only regi
daughter; but i still need to do my maths h/w and have breakfast!
by garysmith(L) July 04, 2009
1:Name given to someone whos name you dont know or dont need to know.
2:Used for friends.
1:Random passer by-"Hello"
You-"wassup regi?"
Big issue guy-"you want a big issue?"
you-"Na thanx regi!"
2:friend-"hey man howsit hangin?"
you-"yo regi, yeah cruisin, you?!"
by mary June 14, 2004
1. Proper Noun - the first name of popular morning talk show host Regis Philbin.
2. Noun - a euphemism (or possibly dysphemism, depending on who you ask) for either giving or receiving a rim job
His butthole was very much moist and satisfied after a particularly juicy regis.
by anotherton February 08, 2008
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