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Of or relating to a male fallus that is large and extremely black. Refugee Cock is normally found in third-world countries and pulsates with varicose veins.

Some men can actually make a refugee cock. This is done by slapping mud and/or tar on the penis and genitals. Once a thick coat is lathered upon the Johnson; weights, pulleys, and sticks are used to stretch the penis out to resemble that of a refugees shaft.
B: Wow, dude your cock is huge; you're a freak.

Pun: Yeah, I know; but I still take it in the ass.

B: Why is it so black though? You are white, but your cock is so dark that it looks blue like Paul Bunyan's Ox....?

Pun: It's one of those new Refugee Cocks. I teabagged a bucket of blackberries and tar, then stretched my wang out with rope tied to the back of my John Deere.

B: Is that the John Deere you had with Spinners on it?

Pun: No, it's the tractor that I used to run over all those baby seals.

B: You still have some of that seal meat left?

Pun: Unfortunately no, but I do have this Refugee Cock for your asshole.
by Yes, It's B! February 08, 2008