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Someone who is beyond "retarded".75% of America basically.
I feel like I'm the only one around here that isnt refuckingtarded. God damn. I'm Rick James bitch!
by Deltron February 23, 2004
36 13
when fucking retarded just doesn't quite display the needed emotion.
"Why do you have to be so refuckingtarded?"
by Desiree Aho December 23, 2007
11 0
someone who is very stupid or mentally slow and annoying
Tim: I fucked your girlfriend
Rob: You're refuckingtarded cause she's got crabs
by Bo D. January 23, 2007
11 1
Stoopid way beyond retarded.
Sarah Palin is so refuckingtarded that her Down's Syndrome kid is way smarter than she is.

Trig Palin has petitioned the state of Alaska for emancipation so that his intellectual development will not be permanently impaired by being raised by his refuckingtarded mother.
by pelicanellie November 16, 2010
5 0
Pretending to invent a new "word" by using two or three existing words together.
Almost every word of the day is re fucking tarded.

"Jeff thinks he's inventing new words for Urban Dic, therefore he is re fucking tarded.
by 11thtoe March 20, 2012
0 0
someone or something that is so fucking retarded they are refuckingtarded
man, is Brandy ever being refuckingtarded today
by assile July 10, 2008
2 4