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Refresh life, derived from continuously refreshing they're social networking apps to see what people are doing every 5 minutes because they're THAT bored. They usually like and comment on every pic that gets posted. These apps can vary from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Those who are considered to be living the "refresh life" can even be noted to continuously refresh sports apps (to keep up with live games). People who live the refresh life are missed when they're gone.
Ex 1:

Me: YO she liked your picture like 10 seconds after you posted it..feed her it

other guy: nahhhh man, she's bout that refresh life, its what she does to everyone

Ex 2:

other guy: yo I thought she was bout that refresh life? she followed me this morning but hasn't been liking any of my pics?

me: chill man her phone's probably dead or something.
by ThatHomieChillin February 08, 2013
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