The noise an angry cat makes.
A human can also make this noise to show anger or displeasure or when aroused.

How to say:
ree- like read
Say it like you have a blocked up nose.
Terry: Get out from under my car!
Cat: Meoww.
Terry : *kicks cat*
by AmbLucWilHar April 06, 2009
Top Definition
A phrase used to express sass or sexual tension.
"What’s the reer?" "We had sex!"
"You see that chocolate man? Reer."
"She called me a bitch." "Reer."
by Lil Crust September 27, 2011
A saying when you get really pissed, but it means absolutely nothing.

Synonym: Fuck, Shit, God damnit
1) "ReeR!"
2) What happened man?
3) Some asshole shot a noob tube at me!
by KetzelIsACoooGuy July 25, 2010
A noise that mimicks a cat in that it is used to lighten the mood (be an "upper") or whenever there is emotion built up
Meena: =(
Meena: "Reeeeeeer!"
Matt: "Haha, reer!"
Meena and Matt: =)
by TheMan2008 September 28, 2006
A noise a noob will make if A) disgruntled
B) Board

a reer can only be deflected by a "faaaace" or "FA-DING/TO THE FACE"
Billy did you do your homework

billy: "reer"


by JORK TEH ZPORK June 18, 2006
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