1. (n) Often bearded, hairy, and just plain dirty, someone who walks about looking and acting sketchy, will probably ask you for a ciggarette, a dollar, drugs or want to touch you in some manner.

2.(n) a lurker, someone who will try and talk to you for hours because they have no where better to go.

3. (n) basically, almost everyone at a Grateful Dead, Disco Biscuit or Phish concert. anyone, spinning glowsticks on strings, hoola hooping, or pushing dirty drugs.

4. (adj.) to reep, the act of walking around in a sketchy manner, doing sketchy things.
"Damn, that grizzly looking sicko just rubbed my belly, what a reeper!!"

"Dude this reeper just jabbed my ear off for a half an hour about coco puffs, while i was in line for the bathroom"

"Some reeper with crystals in his dreads just tried selling me some fake rolls!"

"After the show I just reeped it around the lot looking for some girls to take back and party with"
by Tony and Justin December 13, 2006
A small area inside the clit that stimulates the lower body
He fingered me and massaged my reeper
by Anonymous July 02, 2003
A really nasty fart the could kill everyone in the room. A deadly fart.
Roll down the window, I just let a reeper.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005

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