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) A person who decides to start a salt water reef fish tank and has absolutely no clue what they are doing. 2) a very stupid "reefer" 3) A "member" who post something dumb on a REEF aquarium messageboard. 4)An ignorant illiterate non-researched lazy sack of shit, who thinks a highly complex hobby can be boiled down to simply filling a glass container with water, rocks, sand, and salt all while throwing thousands of dollars worth of delicate animals in it with no regard for proper care or husbandry.
"Hi, I'm new to this, What do I need for a ten gallon reef tank ?"

" What is the least expensive lighting I can getaway with for SPS, and will my 2 x 15 watt incandecent bulbs be OK ?"
by Darthbetta November 12, 2003
another term for burnout
dude he is such a reeftard
by ganja_man_420 December 06, 2007
A retarded person that has no idea of what there talking about.
Andy- Dude u cant tell the difference between a sport or a utility 4 wheeler that good!

Zach and Haylen- Dude your such a reeftard!

by bofaa July 22, 2008
A person who smokes a lot of reefer and gets 'retarted'.
Jimmy quit smoking, your becoming a reef'tard!
by Caitlinnnnnnnnn May 17, 2008
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