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One who is fanatically, obsessively, incredibly and irreversibly lost in admiration, love, obsession, and fangirl/fanboy-status over one Norman Reedus.
A Reeduslut may become hysterical the sight of Norman Reedus, or the mere mention of his name. She may also be found rewatching Boondock Saints and its sequel upwards of thirty times, as well as religious viewings of The Walking Dead. She is most likely able to recite quotes from any given piece of work, tell you Norman’s favorite foods, music, colors, and inform you how cute his son, Mingus, is.
Calling Norman Reedus anything other than perfect in the presence of a Reeduslut may be detrimental to your health.
Girl watching a movie: Look! Norman Reedus is in this movie!
Reeduslut: *screams and faints*
by Reeduslut April 09, 2013