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The Reed Brothers are the group of three brothers: Michael, Shane, and Dustin. Whom all currently go to Shawnee Mission East. They are known for their crazy antics of skipping school, disrespecting teachers, getting drunk on weekends, and being held back. They sag past their knees, and wear red clothing to show they are apart of the "Bloods". Though recently, they have created a new gang, known as the "New Mafia." They have recruited the two younger brothers and several other incredibly white wiggers to join their cause.

Shane, being the oldest, is currently a third year freshman, and is dating a wanna-be whore, Sam. They have a long-running break up, get engaged, break up, get engaged system of dating going, and it doesn't seem that it is going to break any time soon.

Dustin and Michael, the youngest, are both freshman. Dustin is the one who most resembles his older brother, Shane. Meaning he is a short, incredibly white wanna-be gangster.

Michael is the shortest, and had a disgusting bowl hair cut. It was greasy, and the only way to block his acne, freckle, and other wise greasy face from being seen. Whenever he smiles, it causes people to gag. His teeth are a crooked mess. Most likely from all his gang-battles.

Michael shows the most interest in wanting to actually graduate, but he doesn't follow through. He regularly skips his 2nd hour (Which I am in) and has lost credit in it.
Shawnee Mission East Reed Brothers Johnson County Reed Brothers
by Red S. Hirt March 21, 2011
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