A term used to describe a feeling of great urge to do fuck all.
used as a substitute for cba....
comes from the term REally cant be asked...
Hey do you wanna go to town mate?
na mate got so much reebs!
by Budricks June 02, 2011
A person with serious mental and SOCIAL deficenies
"Anna Nicole Smith is a total reeb".
by Cackster LAw October 06, 2006
"beer" in reverse. Vomit from beer only. COmmon at teen parties.
Dag! don't go in there. Someone "reebed" everywhere.
by Paul August 23, 2004
An adjective describing someone as being in a shitty mood.
Dude, don't be reeb because you lost that hand in poker.
by shoofster November 20, 2008
A term for alcohol used primarily in Rochester NY and certain areas of Atlanta GA.
"Let's go to the park. Ribs and reebs."
by kenshiro March 16, 2004
A exclamation used in almost any context possible. Most commonly used to brighten up a dark occasion, to dismiss bad or useless advice, or to answer a question which you don't know the answer to.
Vicar: Ashes to ashes, dust to du...

Teacher: Reginald! Have you been listening to a word i just said?
by George February 07, 2005
Horrible, black bugs with Starbucks coffee cups for heads. Some appendages amongst their body include useless tissue and motor vehicle parts, and a practical eleven legs which propel them to run up walls and bleed. Their legs are made of cereal and human bone fragments.
The reebs ambushed the old man at the park and gave him a fantastic, delicious anal ravaging.
by Martha Stewart October 03, 2003
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