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1. Often used as a mocking response or exclamation of dissatisfaction.

2. Once used as a method of keeping the peace by serving as a discriminative stimulus, or cue, for interrupting ego-based arguing behavior and refocusing the arguers' attention on the respective self-based cognitive precursors to said behavior.
1. Tarina: "You smell like poo-poo!"

Ben: "Redurdle!!"

2. Allison: "You're fat!"

Ben: "No, YOU'RE fat!!!"

Allan: "Redurdle."

Allison: "Hahaha!"

Ben: "Hahaha! What were we fighting about?"

Allison: "I dunno! Let's be friends again!"

Ben: "Okay!!"
by Kaiser-Rexatron June 02, 2010
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