Referring to unnecessary, ineffective or inefficient redundancy.
Instead of carrying a spare tire, hauling a horse around in a trailer behind your car in case you get a flat tire would be redumbdant.
by yyz42ab December 10, 2009
Top Definition
The act of using your turn signal to take an on/off ramp on the highway, and leaving it on for the duration of the entire circle.
Spoken in rage to the car in front of you: "I can see that your turning right, TURN OFF YOUR GOD DAMN SIGNAL YOU'RE BEING REDUMBDANT!"
by Crepuscular March 28, 2015
Something both very redundant and very dumb, like the Bush presidency...
Chris Rock - "Man, this club is so hard to get into. . . they don't even let AIR in!"

Dumb Guy - "Yeah, and it's hard to get into, too."

-from Pootie Tang
by Sho' March 09, 2005
The act of doing dumb things over and over again.
The man kept saying dumb things. He was being redumbdant.
by akwordmaker February 17, 2011
When somebody tries to explain, in furthur, simpler details, which you've already explained.
Me: Irony is like if a taxi driver got hit by a car, because taxis always drive crazily.
Friend 1: Yeah or if a robber had his house broken into.
Me: Way to be redumbdant.
by The guy with the chicken hats October 10, 2010
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