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Follower of the Washington Redskins NFL team. Thinks that one regular season win is equal to winning the SuperBowl. Redskin fans have inflated egos for fans of a team that has traditionally stunk up the cellar of the NFC east. Give the Redskins 2 or 3 wins in a row, and the fans think they, themselves, are invincible.
Wow, we were 0-10, now we just won our first game. Superbowl here we come! It's great to be a Redskins Fan!
by RedskinsRule!! October 05, 2008
Redneck knucklehead known to wear dresses at games, also know as Pinkskins or Hoggettes.
Dude, don't even think about coming to the game dressed as a Redskins fan.
by Steinlager July 14, 2006