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When an Urban Cowboy chooses, or is forced to live in an urban environment and shares his/her music with the neighborhood. It is no secret the black people are generous in one regard; they love to share their music. Redneck Reciprocity is “giving back to the community”. Usually frowned upon by blacks or wann-be’s, but no one understands why, as they certainly love all music and genres, and that is why they share their music with neighborhood.
Tyron Shoes: "Yo you hurr that honky banging that booshit mang?"
Shaquicka: "ahmang, it soundz likes the booshit dey mades us listen toos at the field twip we took to the cuntra dat day"
Tyron Shoes: "I guess he right fo blastin that Redneck Reciprocity, we make hims preepole listen to our bang bang diggty hip hoppity shaka yo buddy don't stopiddy music, so I cantz blamz dem fo reel"
by Commander Poopy Pants June 06, 2011
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