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This is a bizarre sexual act usually carried about by homosexual couples, but also done between a man and a woman, or can involve many men, or a mixture of all. There have been accounts of close blood relatives and animals being used in this sexual act also.Its when a man has anal sex with another man/woman, and then proceeds to ejaculate in the colon of the person. The person having this done to them is referred as the "fuck pig". He withdraws his penis. If there are several other men present, they can also do the same thing, and so add to the supply of ejaculant being held in the rectum of the 'fuck pig'. There have been cases of up to 10 or more men all conseutively doing this, and thus creating a very large storage of semen in the rectum. This act is the "reddening" stage due to the discolouration of the anus as a result of all the anal sex (hence known as 'redfearn'). One of them then lubes their thumb and proceeds to insert it into the anus of the 'fuck pig' in a plunger motion (the 'ramming' stage). This is done to mix the semen in the colon with the feces in there. When this has been done for a short while, the 2 substances mix to create a reddy brown substance. This newly created mixture is then shat out of the recipients anus, and into the mouth of one of the men. This man can then swallow the substance, or "snowball" it to any other parties included. It can also been snowballed directly back to the 'fuck pig', and forced them to swallow it as an act of humiliation.
I hear that Gary was on the recieving end of a Redfearn Ramming last weekend! What a dirty little fuck pig!
by fuck_pig_pally April 24, 2010
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