Cutting a hole in the bottom of a movie tub of popcorn and placing male genitals inside in hopes your date will reach in.
"Getting a Redenbacher"
by BigRay541 December 24, 2011
A man dating a woman significantly younger than himself.
This girl in my Econ class is dating some Redenbacher with his own private jet. He's probably making the payments on it with his Social Security checks.
by Not a Redenbacher July 18, 2008
an older man who usually preys on younger woman
hey man did you see hugh heffner...he's a total redenbacher
by adam quincy barnett July 18, 2008
A man who dates women who are much younger.

(Coined on the Daily Show on 7/17/08)
Hugh Hefner is a redenbacher.
by D in the NYC July 17, 2008
A man who dates younger women.
Bruce Willis, Woody Allen, Michael Douglas are all redenbachers.
by A-jay July 17, 2008
An older man who dates and/or sleeps with younger women. Like a dude version of the cougar. Slang introduced by Kristen Schaal on the Daily Show on July 17, 2008 after the popcorn magnate (and pussy magnet) Orville Redenbacher.
"Check out that guy over in the corner with the blonde."
"She must be like sixty years younger than him. What a freaking Redenbacher that dude is."
by edthegurl July 17, 2008
An older man that dates a younger woman
My uncle is such a redenbacher, he's dating a girl thirty years younger than he is!
by Kyuubi32835 July 17, 2008

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