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This a sexual act for those who simply can not make up their mind as to which sexual act they would like to begin their sexual liason with. Say you are interested in a Danny Glover or a Cleveland Steamer or an Alaskan Gold Rush or a Mississippi Mohawk, or a Texas Toaster or a Rusty Nutcracking Trombone, or possibly even a West Virginia Hand Puppet. Then what you do is write down all the sexual acts you would even consider allowing to be done to yourself and allow your partner to pick 4 or 5 of them. It is just like a appetizer plate from Applebee's with out all the stomach cramps later.
I was really hoping for a black stallion donkey punch Friday night, but DeeDee told me that she would prefer to do me from the ole Redbank Appetizer Plate.
by sneaky schlonge March 03, 2010
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