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A fresh, energized concoction of one part unsweetened iced tea and one part energy drink (tastes best with Red Bull sugar free). Best mix ratio is 4oz Red Bull for every 8oz tea.

An adult's equivalent to afternoon milk in kindergarten.
Everyone in my office orders a Disaronno on the rocks at lunch and I want to enjoy the rest of my day, so I order a Red Tea.
by Sunneyvale September 19, 2012
Red tea is made by a 3/4 completion of the fermentation process required to make black tea. Hence the fermentation is more complete than oolong tea which sits at 1/2, green tea which is unfermented but kiln fired, and white tea which is completely raw and sundried.
Red tea know for it's unparalleled aroma is a serious force of nature to be reckonned with.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh December 07, 2010
The use of a bloody tampon in a cup of urine.
I had this freaky chick that made me cups of red tea.
by Mikie Mike June 19, 2006
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