When you're having anal sex you pull out your dick really fast and slap her on the back of her head hard and her asshole will turn inside out looking like a wet red sock.
by evstin July 12, 2009
People who decide to buy Strange colored socks. Usually this is common in females but in males this is very strange
Nick Why are you wearing red socks? where do you even buy red socks? Your not on the fucking redsox team your irish at least get some green socks it would be a little less GAY
by Loganlog October 19, 2008
when you have butt-sex witha girl and then you slap her ass so she grunts and then pull out real fast so that her intestinal lining comes out too and looks liek a red sock.
i gave this girl a red saock and she sued my ass for assult
by Stefan Smo,,,,, January 24, 2003
When a guys penis begins to bleed due to too much friction of the skin cells rubbing off.
We had so much sex that he was begining to get red socks.
by StephMHS November 02, 2006

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