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A form of error message on the Xbox 360. The Red Ring of Death replaces the Ring of Light, the green circle surrounded the power button. The red lights indicate a sort of error message and the number of lights and placement of them mean different things. The worst would be three lights flashing, with the top-right not illuminated. In this situation, it means the 360 is suffering hardware failure.

Comparable to the Blue Screen of Death.
Not the red ring of death! Crud, according to the online instructions I need to send my 360 in for repairs.
by Ben L. May 23, 2007
Something that eventually will happen once to anyone that has an XBOX360, if not a few times, also known as RROD
Guy: I had to wait 20 days just to get my 360 back
Other Guy: Why?
Guy: Because it has the Red Ring of Death
Other guy: u phail!!11!!1!!
by Me McMe-erson October 14, 2007
Microsofts secret code that tells you to buy a PS3 or Wii.

Hey bro how many 360s have you had?
Bro:16.My most recent one's disk drive died.
Me:How many got the Red Ring of Death?
Me:Time to buy a Ps3.
Bro:I hate Sony.
Me:But Sony Roxzorz youre soxzorz!
by AntiRedRings March 19, 2008
An omen of doom... it shows that your xbox360 just kicked the bucket
WTF!? Noooooooooooooooooooo, my xbox, damn you red ring of death, now I can't play fable 2.
by Jonno8825 January 01, 2009
1) Often abbreviated to RROD. Described the pattern of 3 LEDs around the power button when an Xbox360 has died. The term has become widely know to due the abundance of such a fault on the hardware. The "of death" part of the comes from blue screen of death, a fatal Windows error screen.

2) A stinging, raw rectum. This use of the term is usually in association with a strong curry or other rich foods which aggravate the intestines.
Mate, I am on my 3rd 360 cos the other two gave me the RROD


Man, that vindaloo was hot, I've got a red ring of death this morning.
by Tosh Lines March 02, 2008
A common occurance between Xbox 360 owners. Caused because Microsoft was too quick in building their console, resulting in cheap software. The worst is when the top right is not lit, meaning software failure. Many websites recommend you fixing it yourself, but this is highly unrecommended, due to tampering and resulting in loss of warranty. Do not listen to these people! They don't know how to fix nothing!
Person 1: Man! The red ring of death for the second time!
Person 2: Just twice?! You're lucky! I've seen it nine times!
Person 1: Microsoft sucks donkey ba***!
by Fuckitall August 18, 2008
1. The replacement of the ring of light on your xBox 360, with the ring turning red and the top right one not lighting up. Signifies that you xBox is suffering from hardware failure(generally caused by overheating). Usually happens during an xBox lan party or when you get a new game and take the day off.
2. An omen that makes a hardcore Xbox gamer turn into a vegetable, unless of course he/she has a warranty on his/her xBox.
3. Sometimes called the RROD
Dude Bob got the Red Ring of Death yesterday, now he wont pick up phone calls or return texts.


D*mnit! I just got Modern Warfare 2 and took the day off, and then i got the RROD!
by Antherius December 23, 2009
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