A RedCoat is the owner of a Yankee Doodle.
It is the responsibility of a RedCoat to talk to her Yankee Doodle lots and is the only person who understands the magic word "schwinggguiop"
redcoat hey yankeeeeeee!!
yankee hey redcoat!
yankee schwinggguiop!!
redcoat you know it!
by redcoat April 18, 2007
When shit just ain't cool.
Guy #1: Hey, man!
Guy #2: What's up?
Guy #1: Just got done with your mom.
Guy #2: That's so redcoat, dude.
by BigBluefoot August 16, 2009
Great very very sexy blokes that work @ butlins
Omg - a redcoat Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
by Gemz August 05, 2004
the white and red product which emerges from your lover's vagina when you ejaculate inside her with no condom, and she is in the midst of her period.
I had to clean up the redcoat a moment ago.
by pseduo p. nym December 24, 2005
Despite its historical significance, Red Coat is a modern slang term used by Americans (especially in states outside of New England) when referencing a person who migrated to the USA from the UK, who doesn't like the culture associated with said country, and constantly complains about it on social media.
"She doesn't like the fact that civilians own guns? That RED COAT should go back the UK."

"If he's so miserable here, why did that RED COAT move from Britain in the first place?"
by Aliel The Heretic December 06, 2015
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