An extremely hard part on Through The Fire and Flames, which is contained in So Far Away III in Guitar Hero III. The Red Snake contains Star Power. On Expert, it's played as 32nd note Hammer Ons and Pull Offs at 200 Beats Per Minute, Clocking in at about 26.6 Notes Per Second.
"Man! The day someone hits the Red Snake, I'll jump off a cliff."

"Dude, a couple people have hit it."

"Oh. I'm gonna find me a cliff."
#red #snake #guitar #hero #iii #through #the #fire #and #flames.
by Rikuthemaster April 20, 2008
Top Definition
When your fuckin a girl so hard that she starts bleeding, and you pull your dick out and make it wiggle like a red snake while "spitting your venom" on her face.
"Yo I anger fucked my ex mad hard, when I pulled out I got to give her Red Snake!"
#red #snake #bloody dick #wiggle #venom
by UofScrantonG March 31, 2009
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