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The Red Pretzel is a sex move of two or more partners' reflecting their mutual respect and love.

The Male, or Female with a strap on, will engage in anal intercourse with his or her partner, and upon climax will punch the partner in the side, forcing a clinch while pulling the penis or strap on out of the anus, resulting in a prolapsed rectum, or more appropriately, a Pink Sock. Upon confirmation that the Pink Sock has been achieved by the partner, the partner, having received the Pink Sock will then return the favor by thrusting their penis or strap on into the anus of their partner who has just given them a Pink Sock, thereby resulting in both partners having Pink Socks (prolapsed rectums). If the sexual party totals more than two people, this process is repeated until all members have received their own Pink Sock.

When all members of the sexual party have successfully received their Pink Socks (prolapsed rectums), each partner will bend over and touch their pink socks together, holding them in place, and allowing them to dry out together. Upon completion, The Pink Socks will have melded together to have become one Red Pretzel, the truest sign of sacrifice and love, nearly impossible to separate.
"Wow! I knew she was beautiful, but when I saw the look in her eyes behind our Red Pretzel, I knew she was the one for me."

"Our Red Pretzel was so dried and chapped I could have sworn that we had been together for days!"

"I sure am glad I neglected taking any laxatives before our Red Pretzel session, the feces really made everything much more interesting!"
by SyrupSlurper December 10, 2013

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