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1) When a woman over indulges on a clitoral stimulation pump causing her clitoris to become red and a little swollen resembling a red mango

2) A frozen yogurt chain
1) That girl either has got a penis or a red mango. Look how she is walking.

2) Let's go enjoy some frozen yogurt at Red Mango.
by Octavia Spencer April 19, 2010
A way to refer to sexual intercourse with a young Asian lady.
This girl offered me some red mango after class today so we hurried to her dorm room.
by Jake Factor May 28, 2008
To have vaginal sexual intercourse with a young Asian lady. The term directly implies that the young lady will be a TAB meaning that she is stuck up enough to enjoy Red Mango (a chain of frozen yogurt shops populated by many people including TABs in the Los Angeles vicinity) frozen yogurt almost daily. Thus the young lady may offer vaginal intercourse in a way that equates it to eating frozen yogurt.
This girl I was IMing was totally into me so she offered me some red mango so she came to my dorm and we had fun all day!

This bitch was teasing me all night but she finally gave me some red mango and I went home happy.
by Factor Guy May 29, 2008

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