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To "Red Hulk" Is to cry like a little bitch long enough that your face gets red and puffy, and every one laughs at you for being a massive "puss-puss and you cry even harder, like a little bitch.
In some cases, it happens to teens, 13 and up.
Happens to Prisoners the first time they go to/Gets raped at Jail.
Has a Long lasting effect when Pale skinned.
Example One
Guy 1: Hey man, did you see Michael?
Guy 2: Why, What happened?
Guy 1: He's crying like a bitch!
Guy 2: Should we help him?
Guy 1: FUCK DAT SHIT! let's laugh at him!
Guy 2: 'Aight
Example Two
Guy 1: Did you see that fine ass on the new prisoner?
Guy 2: Yeaaah, He's going to Red Hulk when i get ahold of his ass
by Mr360Kicks February 07, 2014
Red Hulk is a person who gets angry upon eating red die 40. Warning sings include mood swings after eating ketchup, becoming snappy after eating twizlers, and strait up rage after drinking fruit punch. When known how to control Red Hulks can be very usefull. on rare occasions after consuming red die a red rash will break out for a few minutes on the persons body.
guy one: I dont know what happend she just punched someone out of nowhere.
guy two: was she drinking fruit punch?
guy one: yah
Guy two: you've got a Red Hulk on your hands
by Doodle the Rapper February 03, 2010

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